Sunday, November 20, 2011

Media Asset Creation: Week 4 comment on Marc Hunt's blog

Marc's Post:

MAC: Week #4 - PPP

My CBR project's big idea was motivation. I am a teacher of video and sound production in a career and technical school and motivation is a main factor that determines your success in the industry. My students are interested in becoming successful in the video and sound industry which is why I choose motivation. The presentation that I choose to do was to work with my original CBR group to present how we all used motivation to change behaviors in our students and various curricula. Some of the group members and I are pursuing a group presentation at a conference for KYSTE this spring, and I have already sent an email to the ACTE magazine, Techniques, about writing an article and also submitting my literature review for their May 2012 issue that deals with the topic of "Today's Student."

Here is the link to my Week #3 PPP Blog post.

Here is the link to my Week #2 PPP Blog post.

Here is the link to our group presentation. I have also embedded the presentation as well below:

I have also included a link to my presentation notes.

My Comment:
This looks great Marc! It's unfortunate that the timing for presenting at the ACTE conference wasn't a little better. Perhaps you could present there next year. I also wanted to thank you for bringing up the webinar about Challenge Based Research by our own Dr. Holly Ludgate during your presentation. Very informative.

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