Saturday, November 19, 2011

Media Asset Creation: Week 4: Publishing Presentation Project

The aim of my CBR project was to motivate third grade students to increase their literacy skills through the use of technology.   Phase 1 was a technological reexamination of my traditional first day of school, "Why do we come to school" discussion/activity.  Phase 2 gave students options of creating a digital timeline in addition to an analog one in order  to practice sequencing skills and explore Web 2.0  & software digital timeline possibilities.   A literature review was conducted about digital storytelling.
Here is our group prezi:

This is a link to my presenter notes for my part of the prezi.
Link to my First Think-Out Loud Post
Link to my Second Think-Out Loud Post

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  1. Jennifer,
    Glad I got to see the Prezi! It is very pleasing visually, and can imagine it will be a very dynamic presentation. I think you all were ambitious to tackle this as a group, but the end result is impressive? I am still wondering if you will actually travel to a conference together, or how that presentation will look in a different forum. I am also very interested in your research on digital storytelling, as this is something I am also very interested in and am working to incorporate from a visual art standpoint.