Thursday, October 27, 2011

Media Asset Creation: Week 1 comment on Marc Hunt's blog

Marc Hunt's blog post on copyright issues:

Copyright is a very complicated topic that really is about a very simple thing. Protecting your intellectual property or, in plain English, original ideas. I decided to make a very basic presentation that will provide basic ideas about copyright and its definitions. I hope you enjoy and that help you understand the topic a little bit more.

I have been a musician since I was a little boy and the topic of copyright always is a heated discussion. In the readings we covered this week it was apparent that most people have different ideas on what they think copyright should allow or even protect. The DJ GirlTalk made that point as he spoke about how he makes original art using already recorded music. The question of whether or not you are allowed to use copyright protected music in your productions is also answered below in the presentation I made about copyright as it relates to music and royalties or payment that are due to the copyright owner.

Marc created two prezi's about copyright.  I hope to show one of them to my students.  Follow this link to that prezi.

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