Saturday, April 16, 2011


Like Rosetta C, I am also using Prezi to present the RILS project to my target audience, my administration.   I am hoping that, among other things, my use of this Web 2.0 tool will excite them enough to make them interested in allowing their teachers and students to use other Web 2.0 tools and digital tools, and to be so impressed that they redirect a set of laptops to my classroom.

Prezi is a cloud-based presentation tool that is based off of a canvas rather than slides, as PowerPoint and Keynote are.  The best Prezis present a whole picture while zooming in to see the details of the project, and incorporate visual data.  Prezi allows its users to embed a video into a presentation, provided it is in the correct format.  I understand there is a free online video conversion tool called Zamzar that allows you to upload video or pull a link from the web, choosing the format you wish it to be converted into. Although cloud-based, a created prezi can be downloaded to a computer or a flash drive for an off-line presentation. 

Below is a snapshop of the title of my prezi.  Check back for a link to the entire prezi.

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